Menus can be updated through the restaurant management module. This can be done by your team, or for a small retainer fee, we can do this for you.

Tablets are locked down such that they would have no significant value to would be thieves.  It is also possible to physically lock the tablets to tables if this is a concern.  

As do we!   Our system is designed to aid in the sequence of service – providing your guests with more information about your menu while still requiring your waiters to discuss the order with the guests. Be assured that the system is an additional benefit to the guests and your staff without taking anything away.

You don’t have to!   While we can integrate to your POS system, we aim not to interfere with your already tried and tested sequence of service.

In typical deals, the tablets remain owned by Ordamo and are loaned to our clients as part of an ongoing contract.  Individual tablets may be replaced in the event of fair wear and tear and insured against theft/ misuse.  The details of any deal will be subject to the specifics of the contract signed.

We operate a free standard 9.00-5.00 Monday to Friday support telephone line, and email support with paid on site support within the uk (paid per hour).    Full SLA can be provided upon request.   Enhanced support packages are also available under SLA – please get in contact to find out more.