Meet the Team

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Daniel Potter


Daniel is the industry leader in projection based interactive restaurant ordering, and founder of inamo, inamo st james and inamo Covent Garden, the multi award winning interactive London restaurants.

As a named inventor of the patented E-Table system, he has been integrally involved in hardware and software design, as well as design of end to end sequence of service and restaurant processes.

Daniel was educated at Oxford University where he received a masters degree in Physics


Robyn Eade

Office Champion

Robyn has been with the company since it was set up in June 2015 and will usually be the first port of call for when things need to be done in our office. She looks after our sales enquires, accounts, marketing, customer service and general day to day business.

Robyn was educated at Kent University where she received a BA Hons degree in Business Administration and Italian.

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Nick Healey

UX Design Guru

Nick Healey has been designing people-friendly mobile tech products since the 1990s. His stuff has won many national and international awards. He has even had a global technology industry of competing behemoths come together to standardise on a platform he designed, though he is far too modest to mention this, being more proud of his Inamo work.

He understands "design for normal people", despite his BSc in Computer and Microprocessor Engineering (University of Essex).


Candy Weir

Business Development Manager

After nearly a decade in executive talent mapping and management consulting, Candy made the transition into our disruptive tech start-up organisation revolutionising the ordering process in the hospitality industry. Although, on the surface, this may seem an unusual progression in her career, Candy's core function has not changed. She remains focused on creating an authentic impact within our client’s businesses by answering complex challenges with an exceptional product and honest, tailor- made solutions. 

Candy has experience working with clients across multiple industries and geographies including Dubai, UK, Malawi, South Africa, New York, Namibia, Botswana and Australia.

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