Restaurant Management

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Manage your menus, monitor your waiters’ performance, receive feedback on your guests’ favourite dishes, and find out so much more through our restaurant management and analytics tool.

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Do you want to know what your best dish is?
With Ordamo, your guests can give real time feedback on every item.

Are you interested in what descriptions drive your guests to order that item?
Ordamo can tell you, which of your dishes guests are considering and then choosing not to have..

Do you know which of your waiters are the best at upselling?
The Ordamo waiter system can be cross referenced to tell you exactly who sold the most every hour of every night.

Can you track when a given dish is coming out of the kitchen incorrectly on a given night?
If guests are all rating a single dish poorly, you know something's gone wrong in the kitchen.

Do you know which waiters are working hardest?
The Ordamo waiter tablets will tell you who's picking up the most orders and attending to the most guests.

Is there anything else you'd like to know?
We can customise Ordamo to produce the information that will be most valuable to you.


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The restaurant management module can be accessed through a web browser and would typically be used through an office PC.

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